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June 15 (GMT)

  • 3,432 new cases and 62 new deaths in Spain. Data are provisional and subject to change. [source] [source]
  • 1,255 new cases and 63 new deaths in Italy. Note: "The Campania Region reports that, following the periodic checks, a misalignment was found which, after an accurate and detailed check by the ASL, highlighted 48,078 subjects still reported incorrectly in 'Home Isolation' and who, therefore, were assigned to the category 'Recovered'[source]
  • 1,537 new cases and 8 new deaths in Cuba [source]
  • 4,618 new cases and 26 new deaths in Iraq [source]
  • 2,126 new cases and 33 new deaths in Oman [source]
  • 10,216 new cases and 134 new deaths in Iran [source]